snot rockettzzz ep

by Lodi

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i really wanted to put some of my music out there


released October 9, 2016

written and played by elias preszler



all rights reserved


Lodi Grass Valley, California


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Track Name: snot rockettzzz
found me, out of the shade im like everyone, ive ever known
my girl, sees the best in everyone, i wish i could be like her
i know it seems, i never could be, but baby, this is for sure
wait, its ok, im here, ill wait
found me, at an abyss, how could i know that things would come to this, i know it may seem that never will be, nothing is right, not tonight
Track Name: chronic blackhole pt.2
shoulda never gone out tonight, take my hand and it'll be alright
i just wanna come out and say, its not my way
im just tryna b here wit u, u dont give a fuck what they do
so lets just dip outa sight, ditch the light

we could just go back 2 sleep when we wake it will have been a week
glad i dont have to sleep alone
im at home
in my dream u hit me on my phone
coz i know irl u wont
wake the fuck up

lets get the hell outa here
coz this shit happens every year, and if it dont then its something worse, trust me first
when the sun peaks over the hill, lemon yellow gives me the chills (jeremy), and i know that u get them too, yes u do

i forgot what the rest is
Track Name: the segull
nonsensical yellin
Track Name: luva
when u look at me
its no longer dark and hard to see
and the feeling that i get
is the same every time as when we met

your the sun, your the trees, i prefer you to the air i breath

and i think your cool

when u walk my way, i hope one day you'll finally say
hi, hey, how are u?
then all my dreams become da truth

your the sun, your the trees, i prefer you to the air i breath

and i think your cool